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Water Zone is the global leader in helping home and industrial customers protect and improve the world's most fundamental natural resource: water.we have engineered a reverse osmosis (ro) water purifier system that can ensure highest quality.


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Water Zone Designs and manufactures the most reliable and robust reverse osmosis purifier systems with a complete line of the most advanced pre-treatment, and multimedia mixed bed formulations for residential, commercial and industrial scale implementation.

Customer Satisfaction

We at Water Zone strongly believe in adding good customer satisfaction into our books than just material profit. Keeping that in mind, we have highly trained staff that adhere to highest quality standards.

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24 hours is the turn around time in which we provide our after sales service at your door-step. We take service very seriously.

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Our efficient after-sales service has contributed immensely to the goodwill that we have earned in just a short while. We have a committed team that is well-trained for installation and quality standards. All our branches have full-fledged service centers that are very well-stocked with the required spare parts and manned by trained engineers.

The competent and technically qualified personnel leave no stone unturned in serving our customers to their utmost satisfaction. This is amply evident from the fact that most of our clients are in fact, repeat customers.

Why Water Zone

The taste and color of the water remain virtually unaltered and there is also no danger of any harmful bi-products resulting from the use of filters.
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Our Mission
We work towards greener environment which include 0% water wastage saving the water for the future generations to come.
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Our Vision
To create disease free environment through our quality water purifiers
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What We Do

Our custom designs, engineers, fabricates and manufactures Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems to suit the toughest water treatment conditions around the world..
UV Water Purifier

UV Water Purifiers use a high power 11W UV lamp to harness the power of UV to disinfect water and make it free of deadly bacteria and viruses.

RO Water Purifier

RO water purifiers are based on patented Mineral RO technology that uses double purification to combine Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultraviolet (UV) / Ultra Filtration (UF) in a multistage filtration process.

Water Softener

The presence of excess minerals such as calcium and magnesium makes water hard. Hard water leads to a variety of problems such as foul plumbing, and increases galvanic corrosion.

Nano Water Conditioner

Nanofiltration is a liquid separation membrane technology positioned between reverse osmosis (RO) and ultrafiltration (UF) A nanofiltration filter has a pore size around 0.001 micron.

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We are very much happy for buying their product. The quality of the water purifier and their service is very much respectable.

Business Owner, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India

We are using waterzone ro water purifier and water softener in coimbatore for the past 5 years still now it is in good condition and it is working fine as if it has bought yesterday. This shows their quality of their products and their service.

Project Manager, software, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India

We are using their ro water purifier in coimbatore for more than 7 years and we have not even changed the pump or their smps so far.Only thing we change regularly every year is their inline filters which they charge very low , with very good quality when compared to that of other water purifier company in coimbatore.

Business Owner at Infomedia services, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India

I Bought their water zone water Softener in coimbatore for my coimbatore house and water zone Ro plant to my company before 10 years ,we doing the service regularly with affordable price in the Market.One word to describe them is "BEST IN ALL"

Business Owner, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India
What They Asked


How to select the best water purifier?
why we wanna filter our water?

Clean Water is a Basic Human Need. Waterborne diseases are caused by drinking contaminated or dirty water. Contaminated water can cause many types of diarrheal diseases, including Cholera, and other serious illnesses such as Guinea worm disease, Typhoid, and Dysentery. Water related diseases cause 3.4 million deaths each year.

Why you choose waterzone ro water puriifer in coimbatore?

Because in waterzone ro water purifier we can find only quality spare parts with geniune membrane, pump, valve which has been certified by NSF, Water quality standards, RoHs certified and CE mark certified products.

Why you choose waterzone water softeners in coimbatore?

Among many dealers , OEMS, manufacturers in coimbatore, water zone water softener uses geniune cation based ion exchange resins which can with stand more hardness than the rest.

Water Zone
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