Electro Magnetic Water


No !! It does not reduce TDS & Hardness. Converts raw water to usable conditioned water.
Conditioned Water not recommended for drinking purpose accordingly to Indian drinking water standards
Yes !! It improves the taste of the actual water after conditioning.
Can work up to 10000 ppm Maximum.
  • To condition your hard water.
  • To avoid scale formation.
  • To avoid Hair fall because of Hard water.
  • To avoid itching of skin due to hard water.
  • To avoid scale free water supply lines
  • To Avoid Labour for maintenance.
Conditioned Water does not form or allow scale formation.
Conditioned water not recommended for storage and use. That’s the reason system fitted direct on live delivery line from Overhead tank in case of residential houses / pressure boosting systems.
  • Conditioned water increased cement bonding & reduces cement consumption.
  • Conditioned water avoids corrosion on steel structures.
  • Conditioned water avoids pipe line scale / clog.
  • It increased faster germination of seeds.
  • It deepens water flow inside the soil.
  • Conditioned water converts minerals to Nano structure for which helps the Sub-roots absorbs the essential minerals faster than normal hard water.
  • Yield increased because of the healthy water supporting fertile soil.
  • It ensures non-stop irrigation preventing scales / clog inside Trip Nozzles , supply pipes , Sprinklers.