Why is Bathing in Soft Water recommended?

Taking a bath is always a relaxing experience. It helps us relax our body muscles, cool down your body and makes us feel stress free after a long hectic day thereby helping to get a better sleep. Unfortunately, in Coimbatore, taking a shower is not that relaxing. Hard Water issues are very common in Coimbatore as they mostly have access to bore water. Hard Water has higher mineral content than soft water. This hardness in water is caused mainly by the Calcium and Magnesium salts. The water hardens when it percolates through lime stones, chalk or gypsum.

Hair Damage

Heavy Hair loss, Sticky hair, dry and rough hair are the most commonly faced issues by the usage of hard water. The minerals present in the water makes it difficult to rinse off dirt which accumulates on the scalp along with the salts. Usage of shampoos and conditioners on hair with hot water is of no use as the residues on the hair and scalp blocks it from absorbing moisture from the conditioner or any oil you use. This makes the hair more dry, tangled and leads to hair breakage. Usage of any hair products to treat the hair damage makes it worse if used with hard water.

Skin Damage

Like hair, it's not easy to wash off the soap from the skin surface with hard water. This leads to soap residues built up on the skin surface making it rough, dry and irritated. Effects are more on people with more sensitive skin like psoriasis and other skin diseases. The residues clog the tiny pores on skin thereby blocking the secretion of natural oils. Due to this, skin loses moisture leaving the skin dry. Clogged pores can lead to formation of acne.

All these problems will never be solved completely until you get a water softener for the bathroom. A water softener will not only maintain the softness of the water but also helps the toilets, pipes, sinks and bathroom tiles from scaling caused by hard water.

Reach us anytime to get this fixed. Get your water softener today to experience a hassle free shower.

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